caveau di mysewnet

mySewnet Vault

Archivia, organizza e cerca tra i file dei tuoi disegni da ricamo, senza sforzo!

Con mySewnet Vault puoi individuare i disegni da ricamo perfetti per i tuoi progetti in modo rapido ed efficiente. Importa facilmente i tuoi disegni da ricamo, applica varie etichette e organizzale in album personalizzati.

caveau di mysewnet

mySewnet Vault

Funzionalità principali

  • Classifica lo stesso file con più etichette pertinenti e in diversi album
  • Cerca, filtra e ordina file e album
  • Visualizza le miniature delle immagini come anteprima
  • Invia direttamente alla macchina o al software abilitato per mySewnet
  • Funziona con qualsiasi marca di macchina
  • Archiviazione online sicura e protetta
  • I disegni della libreria mySewnet vengono automaticamente etichettati e salvati nel Vault

mySewnet Vault viene fornito gratuitamente con un account mySewnet

Esplora mySewnet Vault


How to set it up

Use these simple steps for secure organization and easy searchability of all your embroidery designs.

  1. Sign in to your mySewnet Account. If you don't already have a mySewnet Account, register for free here.
  2. Click Import Files
  3. Choose Folders or Files (Folders will keep their names) and Import
  4. Add Labels to the files; e.g flower, animal, ribbon etc. Start by adding labels that apply to all files and then deselect all and choose individual files.
  5. Add Albums; Add all designs to an existing Album.
  6. Finish Import. Select files again to add more labels and for more information
  7. Easily search your Vault for the file you are looking for.

Designs from mySewnet Library are automatically labeled and searchable in your Vault.



  • Storage

    Store up to 40,000 embroidery designs

  • Categorize

    Categorize designs easily so they show up in multiple folders if that makes sense.

    i.e. both Butterflies and Flowers

  • Preview

    See small image preview instead of long lists of file names for easy searchability.

  • Search, filter and sort

    Easily find exactly what you are looking for with search, filter and sort functionality.

  • Naming

    Add your own descriptive design name to the embroidery by renaming. The file name is still kept within the data.

  • Send

    One click to directly send designs to mySewnet enabled machine or software.


Store Files
Storage: Gb
0.1 Gb
2.0 Gb
Storage: number of designs
2,000 designs
40,000 designs
Organize files in folders/albums
Name and rename files
Download files
Download multiple files at once
Save to Vault in Library
Send directly to mySewnet-enabled machine or software
Categorize the same file in multiple relevant folders/albums
Search, Filter and Sort files and folders/albums
See image thumbnails as a preview
Flag corrupt embroidery files
Mark designs as Favorite
Reliable for long term storing of files