Endless Hoops

  • By Studio Team

PFAFF_Grand Endless Hoop_In Action.jpg

The Endless Hoop type is perfect when you want to embroider repeated design for example borders. There are many embroidery designs that have start and end points already included. Otherwise you can add them in the Embroidery Software. The Endless Wizard is available in the Silver, Gold and Platinum Level. View the Software class about Endless Wizard 

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Browse the accessory catalogues to see the different hoop sizes available for both HUSQVARNA VIKING and PFAFF

How to Hoop the Fabric in Two different ways.

Endless A.jpg

Position the straight edge of the fabric so that it lays parallel to the guide on the hoop.

Endless B.jpg
Mark straight lines on the fabric with a fabric marker. Insert the fabric so that the lines are parallel to the guide on the hoop.

Embroidering with Hoop Ease

Endless C.jpg

Use Hoop Ease when embroidering on water soluble stabilizer, slippery or lightweight fabrics.
Attach Hoop Ease according to picture. Place it with the smaller flaps away from you.

How To Embroider an Endless Design

Hoop Endless1.jpg

Embroider the endless design. The design finishes with alignment stitches.

Hoop Endless2.jpg

Alignment stitches are used as a reference for placing the fabric into correct position, to begin the next repeat of the design. Use the "Stitch-by-Stitch" function to move forward until the hoop moves to the start position for the next design repeat. Move the fabric and stabilizer so the needle is exactly at the alignment stitch.
If you have Design Positioning you can use it to align a design to a pattern on the fabric or to a previously embroidered design.

Hoop ENdless3.jpg

Use the "Stitch-by-Stitch" function to move to the next corner to ensure that the fabric has been correctly positioned. Embroider the design. Continue this process for the desired number of repeats.

When embroidering designs containing a lot of short stitches we recommend that you lower the embroidery speed. Support large or heavy pieces of fabric on a table in the front and back of the machine during embroidery.

Endless Hoop1.jpg

There are a vast variety of endless embroideries available in mySewnet Library, from romatic flowers and graphical elements to fun kids embroideries. Several of the border designs have matching corners to create a complete look!