Christmas Quilt 2023

Christmas Quilt 2023

Transform old linen tablecloths into a Christmas heirloom. The blocks are embroidered and quilted in the hoop and stitched together to make this gorgeous quilt. Cuddle up under the quilt with a cup of hot chocolate and let the Christmas feeling come!

This traditional setting setting of the blocks is called Broken Star. Whole quilt.JPG

Size approximate 65x65" (165x165cm)

What you need:

  • Old linen tablecloths or napkins, no problems if there are holes and stains, we will cut it into pieces, avoiding those parts. If you use white quilting cotton fabric you will need a total of 4,5 meters for the quilt, cut off a 2 ¾”(7cm) wide strip along the selvedge first for the binding
  • Old bedsheet to use as stabilizer
  • Thin batting a total of 64 squares 10x10” (25x25cm)
  • Fabric for the back of the quilt and for binding. I used old linen tablecloths 
  • (optional) 49 red buttons size about ½” (15mm)
  • Red embroidery thread about 5400 yds 5000m
  • White embroidery thread 500 Yds (500m)
  • Embroidery hoop at least 200mmx200mm.
  • Bobbin thread.
  • Embroidery Design Collection, from mySewnet library. There are four different variations of each of the three blocks:

Half square log cabin (HSQ), you will need a total of 32 blocks, eight of each

Four half square blocks.JPG
Fully embroidered log cabin (WE) you will need a total of 16 blocks, four of each

Four filled blocks.JPG

Center embroidered log cabin (CE), you will need 16, four of each

Four center blocks.JPG

Preparing and stitching out the blocks

  1. Cut out 64 squares 10x10” (25x25cm) from the linen and the batting
  2. Hoop stabilizer fabric (e.g old cotton sheet fabric) in the hoop.
  3. Stitch out color 1, this will stitch out the placement line for the batting.
  4. Place the batting on top of the stabilizer. Make sure it extends outside the stitched line on all sides.
  5. Stitch the next color, this will secure the batting in the hoop.
  6. Remove the hoop from the machine and cut away excess batting close to the stitching.
    Put the hoop back and place the linen fabric on top, right side up. Make sure it extends at least ⅝” (1,5cm) on all sides.
  7. Stitch out next color this will secure the linen fabric in the hoop.
  8. Change to red thread and stitch out the next color. This will make the redwork embroidery on the block.
  9. Stitch out the last color. (white) this will make the quilting on the block.
  10. Your block is now finished. Unhoop and cut out with a ⅝”(1,5cm) seam allowance.
  11. Make a total of 64 blocks, you need 32 half squares, 16 middle point squares and 16 full embroidered squares.

Putting it all together

Layout the blocks for the broken star pattern.

Whole quilt.JPG

Sew the blocks together one by one, two by two,then four by four and finally put the four large pieces together. Assembling the blocks in this way makes it easier to get the corners to match each other.

Overview joining.JPG  

12. Sew linen tablecloths together to make the backing fabric for the quilt. It needs to be at least 2” (5cm) larger than the quilt.
13. Put the backing on the table right side down. Place the quilt on top, right side up. Make sure the backing and batting extends outside the quilt top on all sides.
14. Pin and quilt together between the blocks (“In the ditch”)
15. Cut away excess backing fabric and bind the quilt together. You can find binding instructions on mySewnet studio. I used the single layer binding instruction, finished width ⅝” (1,5cm)
Optional: Add one button in each corner of the blocks.

Now your quilt is finished, Well done!!