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Getting Started

mySewnet ♥ Singer

Congratulations on your purchase of the Singer SE9180/9185!
Get ready to elevate your creative journey with mySewnet features. Let's explore and unlock endless possibilities together!
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Sign In or Create Account

Sign in or create a free mySewnet account. This gives you access to several features that will enhance your creative process. This will also create your personal Dashboard where you have access to your information and personalized content.

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Sign in Create Account


Activate Subscription Code

You will find a 90-day free trial sheet in the machine box. This gives you access to PLATINUM level embroidery Software and Library subscriptions.

  1. Go to Enter Subscription Code 
  2. Type in the Activation code from the sheet and go through the steps on screen.
  3. You need to enter a credit card but no charge will be put on the card until your free trial period is over.
  4. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Activate subscription code


Download and Install Embroidery Software

Download and Install Embroidery Software

Go to the Download Software page

  1. Choose Windows or Mac
  2. Click Download and when it is complete, click on the Software icon named .exe 
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard that takes you through the installation.


Download Embroidery Software

Download & Install Software 2

Start Using the Software

The first time you open the Software you will be prompt to sign in with your mySewnet account. After that is done you can start creating in the software.

Make sure you are logged in with your mySewnet account on all devices.

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mysewnet library

mySewnet Library

mySewnet Library is an extensive source of ready-made embroidery designs with more than 9,000 designs available in many different techniques and sizes. With a subscription you can access them all from day one and either browse on the website or on the machine screen.

The 90-day free trial includes both Platinum Software and mySewnet Library.


Explore mySewnet Library DESIGNS

mySewnet Library subscription

mySewnet Library Subscription

With an active mySewnet Library subscription and a mySewnet enabled machine you can access and use any of our designs by simply sending them directly to your machine. 

All designs are also available to purchase individually or as a collection. These designs will always be available to you with or without an active library subscription.

If the design is too large or you wish to personalize the design, send it directly to the embroidery software.

mySewnet Library Subscription 2

mySewnet Library Design Formats

With a subscription, you can use the embroidery designs as much as you like, as long as you subscribe.

They are in an encrypted format .evp3, where the machine checks for a subscription before you can stitch it out.

If you purchase a design, it is yours to keep and they are available in most embroidery formats. 

For your Singer SE9180/9185 choose .vp3

mySewnet Cloud

mySewnet Cloud

Save your designs to a web folder instead of on your computer’s hard drive. 

This lets you access your files from different devices anytime, anywhere, creativity inspires you.

You’ll get 100MB of storage, enough for 1,000’s of files. Simply sign-in to your mySewnet Account from your computer, smartphone or tablet and even your mySewnet™-connected embroidery machine to start using.

You have an easy shortcut in your Dashboard.

GO TO mySewnet Cloud


mySewnet Vault

mySewnet’s latest feature that will help you organize and safely store your designs. 

Create your own library of designs where an embroidery design can belong to several different Albums. That makes it easy to Label and find them when you have that special project in mind.

All designs are shown as thumbnail images with a nice overview.

Read more Start using mySewnet Vault

mySewnet App

mySewnet App

Download mySewnet app for even more exciting features compatible with your Singer SE9185/9180:

  • Monitoring
  • PhotoStitch
  • QR Code Creator

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