Singer Momento Cutting and Crafting Machine

Crafting with mySewnet

Introducing the new SINGER® MOMENTO™ Craft Cutting Machine, powered by mySewnet™

The mySewnet ecosystem makes creating easy and fun! From free included Crafting Software to extensive Library of assets. Connect with mySewnet and unleash your next creative journey with SINGER® MOMENTO


Welcome Crafters & Quilters

Now, crafters can take advantage of mySewnet inspiration, too. The new crafting and cutting content in mySewnet Library is designed with the new SINGER MOMENTO craft cutting machine in mind.

This one-of-a-kind machine works seamlessly with mySewnet Library, where you’ll find a well-stocked and growing library of fonts, images, and projects.

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Create Moments That Matter

The mySewnet Crafting Software makes it easy and fun to bring your big ideas to life!

  • Multiple operation types like Cut, Draw, Deboss and more open up creative possibilities for advanced and beginner crafters alike!
  • Save time and materials by previewing your project before it is sent to cut and make any edits you want, quickly and easily

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The Complete Experience

The SINGER® MOMENTO™ Craft Cutting Machine and full family of creative tools allows crafters to unleash a whole new level of creativity, from optional pens and mats to pressing tools. All available to create a fun and easy experience!


mySewnet Crafting Questions

Additional Questions?

  • Is the mySewnet Crafting available in all countries?

    No, currently SINGER® MOMENTO™ Crafting is not available in all countries. Only avaiable in US and CA.

  • Can I use mySewnet Crafting Software offline?

    Yes, but you cannot send a design to the machine and you cannot download a design to mySewnet Vault if the software is offline. 


  • Is the mySewnet Crafting Software the same as the mySewnet Embroidery Software?

    They are similar, but cannot be used interchangeably. The embroidery software and designs are to be used with sewing machines. The new crafting software empowers your SINGER momento crafting machine.

  • Can I purchase an individual design or project from the mySewnet Library?

    Yes, you can purchase individual designs and projects a la carte. 

  • Can I use mySewnet Embroidery Software with my SINGER momento Craft Cutting Machine?

    No. Currently, embroidery designs cannot be sent to cut on the MOMENTO Craft Cutting machine.

  • Can I use mySewnet Crafting Software across multiple computers and/or tablets?

    Yes, as projects and designs are able to be saved to the mySewnet Vault, you can access your saved projects and images from any compatible computer or tablet that you can log in to your mySewnet account from.

  • What do I do if mySewnet Crafting Software does not automatically detect my machine via WiFi?

    • Check that both computer or tablet are on the same WiFi network as the machine.
    • Try the manual WiFi setup. You can find the machine's IP address by clicking the gear in the upper right corner of the machine to get to the Settings.
      • Select WiFi and it will display the WiFi network and IP address of the machine
    • If you cannot connect to the machine using this process, you can always connect via USB cord.
    • Also confirm that you are using a 2.4 GHz, not 5 GHz