Birthday Card using the Encore Feature

  • By Mikael Svensson

Alice encore card header image.jpg

Celebrate in style! Enhance your special occasion with our exquisite Birthday card, featuring the Encore technique and embellished with stunning hot fix rhinestones for a touch of luxury.

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What you need:
  • mySewnet Embroidery Software, Gold level or above.
  • Fabric for the card, in this project an old linen tablecloth is given a new life
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Embroidery thread
  • Thin cardstock for stabilizing the finished card.
How to do:
  1. Open mySewnet software, select Blank Canvas.
    01 select blank.JPG
  2. Set hoop size to 260x260mm. (you can change this later to a larger hoop if you don´t have this hoop).
    02 select 260x260mm hoop.JPG
  3. go to Create and click on Project-in-the-Hoop. select Card and click Next.
    03 select card.JPG
  4. Select Blank, Folding and Square and click Finish.
    04 select card type.JPG

 Note: If this is the first time you make a card, take the time to read the PDF instructions to get more information. Click on View PDF-Instructions

  1. as you can see this card is too big for the hoop. To make this work we will have to make the card smaller. Since the handles of the framework are blue, we can the handles to resize it.
    05 blue corners.JPG
  2. drag the handles to fit just inside the hoop. Hold down shift to remain the proportions. The size should be slightly smaller than 260x260mm to fit inside the hoop.
    06 resized frame.JPG 06b small margin.JPG


  1. Go to the home tab and click on Center in Hoop.
    07 center in hoop.JPG
  2. let´s make the encore wreath. Go to superdesigns, select Swirl1 in wreath 2 section.
    08 encore.JPG
  3. Set the size to 25mm and click apply.
    09 set size of swirl.JPG
  4. Go to encore and set the repeats to 30 and click Preview. You can rotate the swirl slightly if you want to.
    10 encore settings.JPG

   11.Drag the circle together and move it to the lower left corner square. It should fit just inside.
    11 resize encore.JPG

  1. Click on Apply.
    12 click on apply.JPG

   13. Go to Home tab and click on Combine, Combine Selected.
    13 combine selected.JPG

     14. Click on ColorSort. Now it will look like this:
      14 colorsort.JPG

  1. Let´s add some text. Go to Letter, select Corinthian (in the Elegant section), set the size to 35mm and type the text in the box, in this example Alice. Click on Apply. Move the text inside the wreath.
    15 text in wreath.JPG
  2. Go to Home, click on Select all, then click on the 45 degrees turn icon 4 times to rotate the card 180 degrees.
    16 rotate the card.JPG
  3. Now it will look like this:
    17 card rotaded.JPG
  4. Go to Letter, Corinthian and set the size to 15mm. Write “With Love” in the text box. Click enter after each word to get them under each other. Click on Apply and drag in place, Repeat with “Mum and Dad.” Now it should look like this:
    18 lettering inside card.JPG
  5. Finally we will add a heart to the text. Go to SuperDesign, Hearts2 and select number 7. set the size to 90mm and click apply.
    19 apply heart.JPG
  6. Place the heart on top of the text as shown.
    20 heart placed.JPG
  7. You can leave the design as it is, but I wanted all to be in the same color, so I changed the color setting on all embroideries except the first one (the framework for the card)
    21. changing color.JPG
Saving the design
  1. Go to Home tab, Select All and click on Group. This is better than Combine, if you want to change anything later.
    22 group design.JPG
  2. Go to File, Save As and save the design on your computer. It will be saved in vp4 format.
  3. 24 go to File, Export, and export your file in your preferred format. Make sure the boxes are checked as in the example below. Click OK. The design is now ready for stitchout. Save the embroidery on a USB-Stick on your computer or send it to the machine.
    24 export.JPG
Stitching out the design:
  1. Hoop stabilizer and fabric in the 360x260 hoop.
  2. Stitch out the design.
  3. When finished, unhoop the embroidery and follow the instructions in the PDF to put the cards together.

27 view PDF.JPG



Add hotfix or glue Rhinestones to the card.