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Why mySewnet™?

mySewnet™ is a subscription-based collection of software and apps designed to unleash your sewing and embroidery creativity. Everything is connected through a WiFi or Internet connection, so location is never an issue. In your sewing room, by your computer, on your sofa with a tablet or on the bus with your smartphone, mySewnet™-connected products and creative tools make it possible to be creative anywhere.

mySewnet Machine sewing pattern

Bring Your Sewing Machine to Life.

Your mySewnet™-connected machine comes to life as soon as you connect it to WiFi and sign-in to your mySewnet™ Account. New functionalities are enabled, live content is displayed and updates are added directly to your machine. Forget about USB-thumb drives—everything happens wirelessly!

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It's all Connected. Like Magic.

The entire collection of creative embroidery tools in mySewnet is connected through your mySewnet subscription.

The mySewnet™ Embroidery Software, creative tools, smartphone apps, and even your embroidery machine is seamlessly connected through your mySewnet™ Account to communicate with each other. This makes finding, creating, editing, saving and sending embroidery designs to your embroidery machine a breeze.

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Don't Have a mySewnet™-Connected Machine?

Not a problem, there are still endless creative options for you.

You can subscribe to mySewnet™ Silver or Platinum and get access to mySewnet™ Embroidery Software which provides the industry's widest range of digitizing and editing capabilities for your embroideries.

You can browse the mySewnet™ Library for the perfect designs and use mySewnet™ Project Creator to make project instructions to share with your friends.

When you're ready to purchase a mySewnet™-connected machine, you can take advantage of additional features your mySewnet™ Subscription offers.

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And More!

Never Upgrade Again.

With a mySewnet™ Subscription, you'll always have the very latest creative tools at your fingertips and you can change or cancel your plan at any time.

Our Most Powerful Creative Tools Yet.

With mySewnet™ Embroidery Software, easily create beautiful designs with step-by-step guidance and access to the most wizards in the industry.1 Be inspired by Spiro Design, Word Sculpt, PhotoStitch, Film Strip and more!

Separate software download required. 1"Industry most" when compared to other leading consumer embroidery editing software, Brother PE Designer 11, Embrilliance Bundle, Embird 2019, Janome Digitizer 5.5, Floriani Total.Ctrl v1

5,500 + premium embroidery designs. Anywhere. Any time.

With a mySewnet™ Subscription, you get full access to our library of high-quality designs with new ones added every week. Open and edit designs with mySewnet™ Embroidery Software or wirelessly send directly to your machine to sew.

Some features require a mySewnet™-connected machine.

Here’s what our Brand Ambassadors have to say:

Jacqui Collins,
PFAFF® Brand Ambassador

Using mySewnet™ with my PFAFF® creative icon while embroidering has been a total game changer. Along with the SewNotice app on my phone, I can be notified if the bobbin thread is low, or a thread color needs to be changed, even while I'm in another room, or across town shopping for more fabric! I also love that with the WiFi enabled, I can skip the USB drive, and upload files directly from computer to sewing machine via the cloud.

Brittany J. Jones,
HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Brand Ambassador

mySewnet™ makes creating embroidery projects fun! It has thousands of beautiful designs in one place, with categories that are well organized and easy to navigate! What I love most is that I can find a design, save it for later, or send it directly to my sewing machine and immediately start creating!"

Lori VanMaanen,
PFAFF® Brand Ambassador

"When I think of mySewnet™ the first word that comes to mind is ease. Not only does mySewnet™ offer the ease of use, it offers the ease of creativity. Let's start with ease of use and wifi capabilities, send a design from your computer to the Pfaff machine without leaving your chair. Need to step away from your machine? No problem with the mySewnet™, SewNotice app, which keeps you up to date with the stitching, thread changes and lets you know when the design is finished. Ease of creativity, is in the ImageStitch app and at the mySewnet™ Library, two resources to let your creativity shine in your designs.

mySewnet Compatible Machine

Is my machine compatible?

Yes! You can enjoy a mySewnet™ Subscription including mySewnet™ Embroidery Software, access to designs in mySewnet™ Library and more.

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Some features require a mySewnet™-connected machine.

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