Crafting Software Update: Version 2.5



Our developers have been working hard fixing bugs and adding new features that are now available in our crafting software version 2.5! You can download this version from our Crafting Software Page. 

We’ve made the following updates to our desktop and tablet software: 

Feature Enhancements: 

  • We improved the design preview on the Craft Project screen, increasing the accuracy of where you place your design and where it will cut or draw 
  • We added boundary lines on the Craft Project screen to increase the quality of cutting and ensure your design does not cut off the edge of the mat 
  • We updated the focal point to zoom in/out when using pinch-to-zoom on a trackpad (MAC only) 
  • We updated our Help Tips so that any URLs will open within the software and not within a new browser window 
  • We made many improvements to the multiply tool 
  • We added new pre-set custom canvas sizes 

Bugs We Fixed: 

  • We increased the responsiveness of home screen canvas tiles when you adjust the software window size (desktop only) 
  • We fixed an issue when importing an image file where the radio buttons were only partially visible 
  • We fixed an issue where Momento scans the material for registration marks on every step of your project, even if only 1 step had a Print Then Cut operation 
  • We updated our file saving process to fix an issue where duplicate files were being created in your Vault 

Also, we released a firmware update for your Singer Momento! Make sure you install Crafting Software v2.5 and then check for the firmware update. 

What features would you like to see added in our software? We’re always looking for feedback, so if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us any ideas using our contact us page. 

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