Mending is Caring!

  • By Carina Thavelin


We think you agree that mending is not the most fun part of sewing. But it is something that needs to be done to give our clothes a longer life.

There is a trend that we should be proud that we are mending our clothes, being environmentally and people friendly.

Why not make it fun!

This nice sweater in merino wool felt too good to be thrown out due to a small hole in the front. Yes, it could have been mended by hand trying to make it invisible but why not add an embroidery (or two) to upgrade it at the same time.

This was made with a bumble bee that you can find here in the Library. There are actually 11 different bumble bees to choose from.


Use the Design Positioning/ Precise Positioning feature to get it placed correctly on top of the hole and just go!

Another bee was added just because it was fun. Hmmm. Maybe it needs a third one?