Dog Poop Bags

  • By Mikael Svensson

Dog poop bag header.jpg

This project is the perfect solution to that everyday problem - Do I have my poop bags with me when I take my dog for a walk.

Sew this little bag makes sure you always have them with you since it can be attach to the leash with a clasp.

What you need:
  • Outer fabric piece 5 x 7” (12,5 x 17,5cm
  • Lining fabric piece 5 x 8¼” (12,5 x 21cm) This will be partly visible on the front as binding
  •  1 fabric piece 3x4”  (8 x 10cm) for strap
  • D-ring or clasp ¾” (20mm)
  • Coordinating thread
Sewing Directions:

1. Embroider the outer fabric piece in the center (optional)

2. Lay the lining fabric on top, right sides together and sew the short edges with ¼”  (6mm) seam allowance.

3. Turn right sides out and press. Since the lining piece is longer it will fold over to the right side, binding the edges

4. Topstitch the lining edges.

Sew the strap

5. Fold the fabric piece in the middle and make a crease fold out and turn the raw edges to the crease in the middle.

6. Fold over and stitch the edges together. make a stitching line close to the folded edge as well.
Your finished strap is now ¾” x4” (2x10cm)

7. Put the d-ring on the strap and fold over. Secure the d-ring  with a stitching as close as possible.


8. Place the strap centered on the front of the embroidered side at the top edge. Pin in place

9. Fold the edges towards the middle, they should overlap about ½” (1,5cm) in the center

10. Sew together at top and bottom with a ¼”  (6mm) seam allowance.
Finish the raw edges with zig-zag before you turn the right side out.