Decorative Pillow

  • By PFAFF


This pillow was created for the launch of the Pfaff creative 1.5. But with all designs included now added to mySewnet Library, it is possible for anyone to create it. Either use mySewnwt Embroidery Software to place and combine the designs as you like or do it directly on your embroidery machine screen.

Finished size: 9.5”x 21.5” (24cm x 54cm)

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  • Fabric: Woven medium, cotton canvas 12” (30cm)
  • Tear-A-Way stabilizer
  • Robison Anton embroidery thread in various colors
  • Bobbin thread
  • Sewing thread to match the fabric
  • Embroidery needle, size 75
  • General sewing supplies: marking pen, pins, embroidery scissors
  • Invisible zipper

Create the embroidery combinations in the Embroidery Software. Below you can see how to place the embroidery designs for the combination for the Folklore pillow. Create a hoop within the Embroidery Software that is equal to the size of the pillow: 540mm wide x 240mm long. This will make it easy to plan your entire layout.

In order to sew the embroidery it has to be divided into five parts to sew out in the 240x150mm hoop. Create each area as one design and combine each section according to the template below or use the Split Design feature in the Embroidery Software.

Embroidery Center: Circular frame

Single initial as a monogram, Adina font from the software - size 25mm – placed in the center of the frame. Position 150130003 as desired above and below the frame. This is the center part.

Continue with combinations 2-5: All the embroidery files can be found HERE. Embroider the hoopings in the order displayed in the image above.

Decorate with stitches

Decorate between the combinations of embroideries with a Candlewicking stitch or other decorative stitch of your choice. See illustration where to add the stitches in the image.

Sew the pillow and add an invisible zipper as closure.


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