Hearts on a String With Superdesign and Quilt Block Wizard.


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The three dimensional hearts can be used as individual decorations or used together in a string to decorate your window for christmas. They are easy to stitch out and the digitizing is easy with the help of quilt wizard and superdesigns!

What you need:

  • mySewnet embroidery software, gold level or above.

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For each of the heart sets (one large and one small three dimensional heart) you need:

  • Water soluble stabilizer
  • 2 pieces of red fabric for maximum variation use 2 different fabrics
  • Embroidery thread

How to do:

1. Open mySewnet embroidery software, select blank Canvas and change the hoop to 240x150cm, Creative Grand Metal Hoop.

01a blank canvas.JPG 01b select hoop.JPG

2. Go to Create, select Quilt Block and select Filled Quilt Block; No Inner Shape. Click Next.

02 select quilt block wizard.JPG

3. Select Shape 2 (rectangle) set side A (height 240mm and B (width)150mm, click next.

03 select shape and size.JPG

4. Next we will select Fill Pattern. You have a lot of choices here, try them out and see what you like! In this example I clicked on Stipple and then Options. Style: Straight, GAp; 10mm and Stitch: Triple stitch 3mm. This makes a good background for the hearts. Click Finish.

04 fill options.JPG

5. Now the background for the hearts is finished, Click on File, Save and give it the name straight stipple background.

05 straigth stipple background.JPG

6. Now it is time to make the hearts:Open a new file with the same hoop option. 06 clipboard.JPG

7. Go to Superdesign, type Hearts in the search box and click enter, then select the 4- Border 1 Hearts 2 (hearts)

07 select hearts.JPG
8. Set the Size to 110mm and click Apply

08 set heart size 1.JPG

9. Next set the heart size to 75mm and click apply 09 set size heart 2.JPG

10. Repeat with the sizes 55mm and 35mm.

10 heart size finished.JPG

11. Now we will make copies and arrange them in the hoop:Go to Home tab, Make one copy of the 75mm heart, make two copies of the 55mm heart and four copies of the 35mm heart.

11 heart copied.JPG

12. Arrange all the hearts in the embroidery area, leave a small margin between them to be able to cut them out later. There will be quite a lot of rotating and moving. Here is how my arrangement turned out:

12 arranging in hoop.JPG

13. Click on Combine, Combine all and then Colorsort. Make sure the size is smaller than 150x240mm.

13 combined.JPG
14. Save the file as Hearts.

14 copy.JPG

15. Go to File, New Window. Select Blank Canvas and the 240x150 hoop as before.

16. Click on File Insert and select the first file we made, Straight stipple background

16 Straight stipple background.JPG

17. Go to file, Insert again and add the Hearts file:

17 hearts added.JPG

18. Holding down Shift key, click on both files in the Filmstrip and select Group

18 select for grouping.JPG

19. Now the files are grouped together. If you want to add another background for the quilting later, just ungroup and insert the new background!

20. Save the file as: Heart and Stipple.

20 save heart and stipple.JPG

Stitch out the embroidery.

21. Export the file in your preferred file format.

22. Load it into your sewing machine.

23. Select the hoopat least 240x150mm. If you use a magnetic hoop, put fabric for the back first right side down, then water soluble satbilizer and finally the top fabric layer right side facing up.

Layers in hoop.jpg
24. Secure with magnets.

Hooped fabric layers.jpg
25. Stitch out the design, use the same thread on top and bobbin since both sides will be visible.

Stitch out design2.jpg
26. Cut out the hearts just outside the stitching.

Cut out heart.jpg

Make the stacked hearts

27. put the hearts on top of each other in size order. Stitch through the center line. Repeat on the other side of the heart if you want them to be the same on both sides. Repeat with the other hearts, you can make as many layers you want.

Large heart.jpg

Small heart.jpg
28. To make the string, pull out about ten inches (25cm). Start sewing down the center line. When you reach the end pull out about 2-5” (5-10 cm)thread before you add the next heart. Continue adding hearts as needed. Leave about 20” (50cm) tails at the end

. Drag out thread.jpg

Drag out thread w heart.jpg
29. To make the hearts hang nicely in the window add a large bead at the start end.

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Tip: The hearts can be used in many other ways as decoration on christmas gifts, christmas tree ornaments and so on.

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Try our embroidery digitizing software free for 30 days!