Quick Serged Table Runner

April 25, 2023


1 project lifestyle  picture.jpg

Serge this fast and easy table runner in no time and it is completely constructed on the serger. You can create this table runner for every season using seasonal fabrics.

What you need:

  • Cotton fabric 1 piece 16” x 40” (41 x 102cm) or the width and length you want your table runner

2 fabric picture.jpg

  • Serger/ Overlock machine
  • 3 spools serger thread to match fabric
  • 1 spool wooly nylon to match fabric
  • Floss threader
  • Water-soluble stabilizer
  • ¼” double-sided fusible tape
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • Pressing cloth

Machine Preparation
1. Set your serger for a 3-thread rolled hem.

3 3-thread rolled hem.png
2. Thread the Needle and Lower Looper with serger thread.
3. Thread the Upper Looper with wooly nylon.

Tip: Use a floss threader to thread the wooly nylon through the Looper hole.

Rolled Hem
1. Serge the rolled hem along both long ends. Tip: Cut 1½” strips of water-soluble stabilizer. Lay the strips on top of the fabric as you serge. This helps to stabilize the edge of the fabric and hold the fabric edge in the roll as you serge.

4 Water soluble stabilizer on serger.jpg

2. Once you complete serging the length, tear away the stabilizer.

5 Water soluble stabilizer on project.jpg

Machine Preparation
1. Set your serger for a 3-thread wide overlock stitch.
2. Thread with serger thread.

6 3-thread wide overlock stitch.png

Finishing Steps
1. Fold your table runner right sides together lengthwise.
2. Serge each short end.

Folded with arrows.jpg

3. Press out the corners to form a point. Tip: When pressing cover the rolled edges with the wooly nylon with a pressing cloth. Wooly nylon will melt if you iron on it.
4. Place the ¼” double-sided fusible tape under the bottom edge of the triangles and fuse in place, this will hold down the edges.

Tape with arrows.jpg

9 Finished project.png

Enjoy making table runners for the different seasons with seasonal fabrics!