Travel in Style with Project-in-the-Hoop Accessories

May 08, 2023


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Many of us travel at this time of year, and small accessories to smooth our sailing come in very handy. Have you checked out Project-in-the-Hoop, found in the Embroidery module / application of mySewnet Software Gold and Platinum packages? There are many cute projects that are sewn in the hoop during embroidery, even Luggage Tags and Zipper Bags! Let’s check out how the Project-in-the-Hoop Wizard or Assistant works, and then take a peek at some of the many cute projects you can make to carry you through your travels, or simply give as a gift to a friend!


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Project-in-the-HoopTravel-in-Style-Picture1 copy.jpg is found in the Embroidery module, Create tab in Windows ribbon bar, or the Create tabTravel-in-Style-Picture2 copy.png in the Mac Control Panel.

Each Category has multiple projects inside.

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Once you select a category such as Keyring, you can open the Style menu and choose one of many predesigned projects, or select a Blank and add your own style!

Travel-in-Style-Picture4 copy.jpg

Let’s take a peek at how the Rainbow project is designed.
They even have PDF Instructions that take you through each project, one step at a time.
And you can save the PDF to open later, print it, or add to your tablet for viewing as you assemble your project!

Travel-in-Style-Picture5 copy.jpg

Projects are Grouped so they don’t become mis-aligned.Travel-in-Style-Picture6 copy.jpg

However, you can select Reveal Groups in the FilmStrip, and select each subdesign in your keychain (or any other Project-in-the-Hoop design) for fine-tuning, adjusting, or adding your own personal twist!

Lettering sections are open objects, so you can right click, select Edit Lettering, and change up the name or choose a different font that’s more your style.

Travel-in-Style-Picture7 copy.jpg

Other parts of each Project-in-the-Hoop have properties that are changeable, as well.

Travel-in-Style-Picture8 copy.jpg

The component parts of Project-in-the-Hoop designs in most Categories have green Handles on their select boxes, indicating you can make them larger or smaller and their stitches will retain their original quality.

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And a Little Bit More!
And of course, we should design a few other personalized carry-alongs, as well!
How about some Luggage Tags that will make our bags stand out on that airport carousel!

Shown below, Luggage Tag, Swirls, shown as designed on the left, and with the Motif Line changed to a Candlewicking Stitch on the right.

Travel-in-Style-Picture10 copy.jpg


Shown below, a Pouch that is completely stitched and assembled in the hoop. Lined, zipped, and ready to turn right side out and get you on your way to a tropical paradise!
Stitch up one or two to carry along some sewing accessories to your next quilting retreat or sewing show!

Travel-in-Style-Picture11 copy.jpg

Take a bit of time to look through all the charming and easy Project-in-the-Hoop designs, and make a few extra to give to friends and family.

Have a fabulous day from the software team at mySewnet Embroidery Software!

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