Quilted Block with Applique created in the Embroidery Digitizing Software

March 06, 2023



Quilted Block with Applique-header image.jpgQuilted Block with Applique-header image.jpgQuilted Block with Applique-header image.jpg

Learn how to make applique embroidery designs with quilted background. It is easy to change the applique embroidery design and the quilted background , just follow the instructions below!


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1. Open mySewnet software, choose Blank Canvas and Hoop Size 260x200mm.

Quilted Block with Applique-step1.jpg


2. Go to Create and choose Digitizing. In the dialog box choose Create Express Border, click Next.

Quilted Block with Applique-step2.jpg


3. Click on Create New Picture, mySewnet Draw & Paint opens

Quilted Block with Applique-step3a.jpg    Quilted Block with Applique-step3b.jpg


4. Click on Insert and choose the heart with an irregular shape (73) click on Insert Shape

Quilted Block with Applique-step4.jpg


5. Drag and distort the shape as desired using the handles.

Quilted Block with Applique-step5a.jpg   Quilted Block with Applique-step5b.jpg


6. When you, close the paint window on the X in the top right corner. You will now be back in the express design wizard. Click Next

Quilted Block with Applique-step6.jpg


7. Click Next again.

Quilted Block with Applique-step7.jpg


8. And Next…

Quilted Block with Applique-step8.jpg


9. In this step choose Enter Design Size and set the width to 85mm, click Next

Quilted Block with Applique-step9.jpg


10. Click on Finish

Quilted Block with Applique-step10.jpg


11. Click on the stitches in the film strip, the points of the stitching will be visible. You can move the points if you like to change the outline. You can also delete or add points if necessary. (deleting points can make it easier to get the desired shape, especially rounded shapes). If you change the shape, the original image could be visible underneath. This will not be shown in the finished embroidery. The finished size should be approximately (135x 85mm).Close the digitizing module.

Quilted Block with Applique-step11a.jpg  Quilted Block with Applique-step11b.jpg


12. The heart applique will now show up in the embroidery program. Go to Home tab and click on copy. The applique will now show up in the Clipboard at the right corner.

Quilted Block with Applique-step12.jpg


13. Next step is to add the background quilting. We will use the Quilt Block Wizard for this: Go to Create tab, click on the Quilt Block. A dialog box will appear. Choose Filled Quilt Block, No Inner Embroidery, click next

Quilted Block with Applique-step13.jpg


14. Choose Shape 2 (rectangle) set A-side to 120mm and B-side to 190mm, click Next

Quilted Block with Applique-step14.jpg


15. Click on Paste, click next

Quilted Block with Applique-step15.jpg


16. Set the Margin to 0 mm, click next

Quilted Block with Applique-step16.jpg


17. Select the Curved Crosshatch Fill

Quilted Block with Applique-step17.jpg


18. Click on options. In the dialog box set the Gap to 10mm, the stitch length to 2,5 mm and click the triple stitch option. Click Ok and then finish

Quilted Block with Applique-step18a.jpg  Quilted Block with Applique-step18b.jpg


19. The quilt block is now completed, but we have to do some finishing steps, Right Click on the first picture in the film strip, the heart. Choose delete. Now Right Click on the quilt embroidery in the film strip, choose Ungroup. The embroidery will be separated with the applique first and then the quilting.

Quilted Block with Applique-step19.jpg


20. We want the the background quilting to be stitched out first so we have to change the order: Click on the applique in the filmstrip, then click on the arrow pointing down to move it

Quilted Block with Applique-step20a.jpg  Quilted Block with Applique-step20b.jpg


21. Go toHome tab, click on Combine and choose Combine All. click on the second color and change it. This will prevent the colors to be merged together if you use color sort later.

Quilted Block with Applique-step21.jpg


22. Save the embroidery file and export it to your preferred file format eg .vp3


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