Holiday Candle Mat

October 01, 2020



Software Lesson

In this lesson, we will use the Embroidery module to build an in-the-hoop candle mat. The design includes quilting, decorative stitch motifs, Frames and SuperDesigns. We will also create the appliqué steps to add batting and a backing fabric to the project

The ZIP file includes the PDF lesson files and stitching instructions. For those who do not have one of the required software versions, we have included the VP3 stitch file.

Software Version Requirements
-PREMIER+ 2 EXTRA or ULTRA (Windows or Mac)

-PREMIER+ 2 EXTRA or ULTRA (Windows)

-True 3 ELITE (Mac)


Featured Video: "Holiday Candle Mat"Candle Mat(2).png
Build an in-the-loop candle mat using features in the Embroidery module including
the QuickBlock Wizard, Frames, Superdesigns and stitch motifs. We finish
with a walkthrough of the stitchout process.