Create a Heartbeat Stitch

January 16, 2023



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Learn how to love the feature Stitch Creator with this easy heartbeat stitch.

What you need:

  • Machine with a Stitch Creator feature

Step by step

1. Enter Sewing Mode

2. Open Stitch Creator

3. Open the stitch menu and select an Elastic blind hem stitch 

photo 1.JPG

4. Deselect Multi-select 

5. Select the individual stitch points and move them to varying widths

 photo 2.JPG

6. Open the stitch menu and select a straight stitch 

7. Then select a heart stitch that starts in center position

Create a Heartbeat Stitch 3.JPG

8. Select a straight stitch 

9. Press OK and you are ready to sew

photo 5.JPG


Create-a-Heartbeat-Stitch-final image2.jpg

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