Digitize a Winter Words Embroidery Design

December 01, 2020



Software Lesson

In this lesson, we will use the Letter tab, SuperDesign tab, and the ExpressDesign Wizard/Assistant in the Embroidery module to build a design for the turnable 360x350 hoop. The completed design can be used for a pillow.

The ZIP file includes the step-by-step PDF lesson files, and the PNG image. For members who do not have one of the required software versions, we have included the VP3 stitch file.

Software Version Requirements
mySewnet™ Embroidery GOLD, PLATINUM (Windows ou Mac), PREMIER+™ 2 EXTRA ou ULTRA (Windows ou Mac), PREMIER+™ EXTRA ou ULTRA (Windows), TruE™ 3 ELEMENTS ou ELITE (Mac)

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Winter Words.jpg

Featured Video: Winter Words
This month’s video builds a Winter Words collage using the Letter tab,
SuperDesign tab, and ExpressDesign Wizard/Assistant. Also
included is a discussion of some design tips to use when
creating word collages like this design. We finish with
a discussion of the exporting process.
  • Creating a design from clipart using the ExpressDesign Wizard/Assistant.
  • Techniques for designing using lettering.
  • Exporting larger designs for the turnable hoop.