St. Patrick's Day Glass Coasters

  • By Barbara Brindzik

St Patricks Day - hero image.png

What you need:
  • Sewing machine with “Create Appliqué”  function ( In this project was Epic 3 used)
  • Felt fabrics orange and green color ( you can use also vinyl for the upper side)
  • Green embroidery thread, bobbin thread
  • Embroidery hoop 120x120, or bigger , if you want to embroider several coasters at the same time.
  • Tear away stabilizer
  1. Go to “Create Appliqué” 
    - select the circle shape
    - select stitch #4 from the stitch menu for Create Appliqué
    - adjust the size of the circle to approx 100 mm
    - click ok
    Now you have an empty appliqué circle that you will fill with different Clover designs. You can also easily create a clover yourself, of heart designs. Follow the steps below to doing so.
  2. Go to built in embroideries, menu Hearts, and load #12 a heart embroidery  (45x40)
    Or a similar design in this size from mySewnet Library
  3. Change the color of the heart to green, and move it to the upper area of the circle. Pic_3.JPG
  4. Touch duplicate , and mirror the second heart lengthwise. Position it so the lowe pointy ends of the hearts barely meets. Pic_4.JPG
  5. Go to layers, select both hearts and group them together. Duplicate the group, and rotate the second group 90 degrees. Pic_5.JPG

At this point it is a good idea to center the design parts individually, the two pairs of hearts and the applique circle, thus youachieve a perfect positioning of the heart , in relation to the circle

  1. Hoop the stabilizer and lay over the upper fabric/vinyl
  2. Baste around the hoop
  3. Embroider the first appliqué block , then skip the next two color blocks and continue with the green hearts. Embroidering _3.JPG Embroidering_3b.JPG
  4. After finishing the hearts. Wind green thread on the bobbin, and replace the white bobbin thread with that
  5. Slide the green felt fabric under the hoop, and go back to the appliqué color blocks. Embroider appliqué block 2 and 3.  Embroidering_5.JPG
  6. Take out the embroidery from the hoop and cut carefully around the coaster along the appliqué stitch

Tips: tear away the stabilizer from between the top and bottom fabric before you trim along the edge