Silver Quilted Motif Wedding Card

  • By Mikael Svensson


The scrolls found in SuperDesign that are used in this card were originally intended for quilting, but they look fantastic also this way. There are so many different possibilities! 

What you need 
  • mySewnet Embroidery software, Gold level or above 
  • Fabric for the card, in this project an old linen tablecloth is given a new life 
  • Tear away stabilizer 
  • Gold and silver embroidery thread 
  • Thin cardstock for stabilizing the finished card. 
How to do 
  1. Open mySewnet software, select Blank Canvas

_01 blank canvas.JPG 

  1. Set hoop size to 360x260mm. Rotated orientation

_02 set size.JPG

  1. go to Create and click on Project-in-the-Hoop.

_03 select project in the hoop.JPG 

  1. select Card and click Next.

_04 select Card.JPG

  1. select Blank, Folding and Landscape, click Finish.

_05 select type and view PDF.JPG

 Note: If this is the first time you make a card, take the time to read the PDF instructions to get more information. Click on View PDF-Instructions. 


  1. Now it will look like this: a framework for the card.

_06 framework.JPG

  1. Go to SuperDesign tab, Scroll down to Redwork 2 and click on 4 – Swag. Set the size to 35mm and click Apply.

07 selcet design1.JPG

  1. Repeat and get 6 Peacock Corner from the same collection. Set the size to 55mm.

08 select design2.JPG

  1. Now we will duplicate arrange them: Start by going to Home tab and Duplicate the corner motif. 09 duplicate motif2.JPG
  2. Duplicate the first embroidery as well and move it to the left rectangle. 

10 duplicate and move.JPG

  1. Select the center design and rotate it 180 degrees with the 45-degree handle (four clicks)

11 rotate center motif.JPG

  1. Rotate the left of the corner motif by clicking the 45-degree rotating tool six times.

12 rotate corner motif.JPG

13 arrange the motifs together. See image below: 

13 arrange motifs.JPG

  1. Select the three embroideries by clicking on the in the Filmstrip holding down CTRL-Key. 

14 select for combining.JPG

  1. Click on Combine, Combine Selected. Now the first part of the decoration is finished.

15 combine selected.JPG

  1. Click on Duplicate again, two times.

16 duplicate twice.JPG

  1. Move one of the combined motifs to the upper left square, we will use that later.

17 one combination moved.JPG

18 rotate one of the combinations in the lower right rectangle 180 degrees (use the 45-degree tool) move it in place. It should look like this: 

18 front combination started.JPG

  1. Select the two embroideries holding down the CTRL key. Go to Combine, Combine Selected and join them. Center the combination in the lower right rectangle.

19 combination front finished.JPG

  1. Now duplicate the scroll in the lower left rectangle, turn one of the 18 degrees and combine them. Move the combination to the center of the rectangle It should look as this:

20 lower left rectangle finished.JPG

  1. 21. Time to add the initials to the outside of the card. We will use the express monogram for this since it will shape the letters into a frame: Go to Create, click on Express Monogram.
  2. 22. first we start with the monogram tab Add the Capital Letters E and D in the squares, set the Envelope to FF Straight 01 in the Straight 1 selection.

22 monogram tab.JPG22 set monogram 1.JPG

  1. Go to the Full Letter tab. Select Per Gothic Font from the Elegant selection, set the size to 40mm. 23 set the letter.JPG
  1. Go to Border and Unclick the Border box. Now it should look like this:

24 unselect border box.JPG

  1. Go Back to Monogram tab and click Finish. Move the Monogram into the center of the front rectangle. Right click and Fix as Stitches

25a monogram in place.JPG 25b fix as stitches.JPG      

Making the Inside of the Card 
  1. To make the inside of the card we need to turn everything 180 degrees. Do as follows:

Select everything in the filmstrip, go to Home, Group. Then go to 45 degree turning tool and click four times. Now it should look like this: 

26 grouped and turned design.JPG

27. Click on Ungroup, this will make all designs editable again.

27 all designs editable.JPG

  1. Click on the design in the lower left rectangle, turn it 180 degrees with the 45-degree tool and place it on the upper side of the rectangle.
  2. Go to Letter and select the Adina font in the Script section. Set the size to 12mm. Type the text, in this case “Best wishes for the future from Jenny and Peter” Remember to click enter when you want a new row. Click Apply and move the text to the right place.

29 settings for text.JPG 

  1. Now the design is finished. I changed the color for the Monogram to Gold And the rest to Silver, except the Framework which I left unchanged.
Final steps 
  1. Click on all the designs in the Filmstrip to select them. Hold down CTRL key when doing this. The background in the filmstrip will turn Blue. Go to Home tab and click Group. Grouping the finished design is better than combining since it is much easier to come back and make changes later. Just click ungroup and change!

31 group finished design.JPG 

  1. Save the design on your computer. It will be saved as a vp4 file which is correct.

32 save as vp4.JPG

  1. Now go to File, export, and export the file in your preferred format. I chose vp3. You can colorsort the embroidery if you want to.  Save on your computer, on a USB stick or send to machine or Vault.

33export file.JPG

Stitching out the design  

34.Hoop stabilizer and fabric in the 360x260 hoop. 

  1. Stitch out the design.

35. stitch out the design.jpg

  1. When finished, unhoop the embroidery and follow the instructions in the PDF to put the cards together.

36View PDF.JPG