Sew a "beating Heart" with the Circular Attachment and Three Hole Yarn Foot

Sew a "beating Heart" with the Circular Attachment and Three Hole Yarn Foot

Create a “Beating Heart” Using the new Circular Attachment Heart template, and the Three Hole Yarn Foot

What you need:
  • Fabric and stabilizer
  • Thread in matching color
  • Circular Attachment
  • Circular Attachment Heart Template
  • Marking Pen, Ruler
  • Yarn 
  • Three Hole Yarn Foot
  • Sewing machine
  • Big eye needle to pull the yarn down to the back side


1. Place the stabilizer underneath your fabric. It can be a good tip to pin together the stabilizer and the fabric. It will help you keep the two layers together while sewing. 

2. Now make the marks that are needed to create the heart on your fabric. Use the heart template to this. Start with the biggest heart, mark all 6 points, select size 16 for all points. (check instructions for the Heart Template)


3. Thread your Three hole Yarn Foot with the yarn, use only the hole in the center.

4. Select a centered Zig-zag stitch set the length approx. to 3.0 mm and the width to 2.5
     (Note that this setting shall fit the garn you are using. Test it in advance that the needle goes down at both           side beside of the yarn)


5. Attach the Circular Attachment, and set the slider to size 16



6. Stick the pin through your fabrics at the first point (according to the instruction of the heart template), and set        the pin in the slider.


7. Start sewing from the starting point and complete the heart (according to the
    instructions of the Heart Template

Sew-a-beating-heart-with-the-circular-attachment-step7a.jpg Sew-a-beating-heart-with-the-circular-attachment-step7b.jpg











8. The first heart is finished, Use a needle with a big eye to pull back the Yarn ends to the backside

9. Now it is time to mark the place of the second ( medium size) heart.
    Tip:To avoid that the yarn ends up on top of each other, You can move down the center point for the second          heart approx. 6mm / ¼”.


   For the second heart select size 12, i.e mark all points that belong to size 12.


10. Set the slider of your Circular attachment to 12


11. Repeat Point 4-6 to complete the medium size heart.

12. Mark the place for the third, the small heart. Move the center point down furthermore with 6mm / ¼”. 

13. For the small heart select size 8, mark all points that belong to size 8

14. Set the slider of your Circular attachment to 8

15. Repeat Point 4-6 to complete the small size heart.



16. Use this heart and sew a pillow. The size of this heart fits well for a pillow size 19”x19”  or 50cmx50cm 

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