Reusable Produce Bag

Reusable Produce Bag

Reusable produce bags eliminate the need for a one-time use plastic bag.  This lightweight bag holds all sorts of fruit and veggies.  The tulle allows you to see what’s in the bag.  You can make 2 from a single Fat Quarter.  A great project for leftover fabrics. Vary the size to fit your needs.

What you need:

● 1 Fat Quarter Cotton Fabric
● 6” x twice the width of the fat quarter of tulle
● Sewing thread, pins (or clips), measuring tape or ruler, scissors or rotary cutter and mat
● 30” per bag of rat tail, ribbon, or cording
● Fabric Folding pen (optional)
● Bodkin or safety pin


1. Cotton Fabric
    a. Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric 5” x width of fat quarter for the top panel of the bag
    b. Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric 4” x width of fat quarter for the bottom panel of the bag
    c. Repeat for second bag
2. Tulle
    a. Cut two pieces of tulle 6” x width of fat quarter and fold it in half to make a double layer


1. Attach the top band to the tulle
    a. Ensure your directional fabric is right side up and the tulle is on top of your fabric at the lower edge. Pin or        clip.
    b. Stitch a seam the width of your presser foot (~⅜”).
    c. Fold the tulle so it is underneath the cotton fabric. Place the fabric on the sewing machine bed with the             tulle down and topstitch ~¼” from the seam.


2. Attach the bottom piece of fabric to the lower side of the tulle so that it is right side up and below the tulle following the procedure you used to attach the top band. Make sure the top edge of the cotton fabric is sewn to the tulle if you have a directional print.

3. Prepare the top band and casing for the bag. (If you have a directional fabric pay attention so you do not have upside down cats on the bag when you are done. Make sure you do this step at the top of the bag)
    a. Using the fabric folding pen mark a folding line 1” from the top across the width of the fabric. Fold the top          down 1” and press.
    b. Open the fold then mark a folding line ¼” from the top with the fabric folding pen. Fold and press.

4. Fold the bag right sides together and pin along the side and bottom edges. Unfold the 1” fold, but leave the ¼” fold in place. Place a pin to mark ¾” down from the 1” fold (this will be the opening for the cord).

5. Stitch along the bottom and side edges with a ¼” seam, leaving the seam open between your mark and the 1” fold. Backstitch to lock the opening.

6. Fold the seam allowance open and finger press in place. Stitch the seam allowance open, pivoting at the corners of the top fabric.

Reusable-produce-bag-step6a.png Reusable-produce-bag-step6b.png

7. While the bag is still inside out, fold the top back down on the pressed line.

8. Topstitch around the bag ⅛” from the edge of the hem fold. Topstitch around again next to the top fold. If your machine has a free arm it will be easier to stitch with the bag around the free arm.

Reusable-produce-bag-step8a.png Reusable-produce-bag-step8b.png

9. Turn the bag right side out. The opening in the side seam should be between the two lines of stitching.

10. Carefully press the cotton top and bottom of the bag. Do NOT touch the iron to the tulle.

11. Attach a bodkin or safety pin in the end of your cord or ribbon and feed it through the casing.


12. Tie each end of the cord in a knot, then tie the two ends together.

Take your bag shopping to eliminate the need for plastic produce bags.