PFAFF® admireTM air 7000 Tote Bag

  • By PFAFF
PFAFF® admireTM air 7000 Tote Bag
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What you will need
  • Removable Fabric Marker and Ruler
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Clips (for holding faux leather and fabric layers together during construction)

Sewing Materials:

  • Two pieces of Wool Fabric 48cm (19 inches) x 30cm (113⁄4 inches)
  • Two pieces of Lining Fabric 45cm (173⁄4 inches) x 30cm (113⁄4 inches)
  • Faux leather 30cm (113⁄4 inches) x 30cm (113⁄4 inches)
  • Lightweight Batting 30x30cm
  • Purchased Purse Handles (handles shown are each 62cm (24 inches) long
  • Four Spools of Overlock Thread
  • Two Spools of 30wt Cotton (for decorative coverstitching)

Download PFAFF® admireTM air 7000 Tote Bag Instruction's here

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