March Sewist Feature

  • By Bethany McCue

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Meet Emily: The Vibrant Quilter and Singer Brand Ambassador

In the world of sewing and quilting, there are individuals who not only excel in their craft but also radiate enthusiasm and accessibility, making the artform inviting to all. Emily, a Singer Brand Ambassador, embodies this spirit wholeheartedly. Let's delve into Emily's journey, her vibrant approach to sewing, and her excitement for exploring new horizons with the latest Singer SE9180 embroidery machine.

Emily's sewing adventure began in 2020, a year marked by unexpected challenges and newfound hobbies. Like many, she discovered her passion for sewing during the quarantine period, sparked by a captivating video on TikTok showcasing a puff quilt. With determination and her trusty Singer Simple machine, a relic from her childhood, Emily embarked on her quilting journey. What started as a curiosity soon blossomed into a full-fledged passion, leading her to upgrade to the Singer Patchwork machine.

What sets Emily apart is her unwavering commitment to making sewing accessible to all. Through her engaging tutorials and vibrant social media presence on TikTok and Instagram, she demystifies the art of quilting, catering especially to beginners. Her videos are meticulously crafted to be beginner-friendly, and she actively engages with her audience, fostering a supportive community of sewists eager to learn and create.

Central to Emily's sewing style is her love for bright, colorful fabrics inspired by the kaleidoscope of hues found in nature. Whether it's the vibrant shades of a rainbow or the warm tones of a sunset, Emily infuses her projects with a burst of color, adding a playful touch to every stitch.

As a seasoned Singer enthusiast, Emily was thrilled to receive the new SE9180 embroidery machine. Despite being her first foray into embroidery, she found the setup process seamless, thanks to Singer's user-friendly design. With the SE9180, Emily can seamlessly transition between quilting and embroidery, unleashing a world of creative possibilities without the hassle of switching machines.

Excited to delve into the realm of machine embroidery, Emily envisions a myriad of projects, from custom quilt blocks adorned with intricate designs to personalized bucket hats embroidered with meaningful phrases. With her boundless creativity and the versatility of the SE9180, Emily's imagination knows no bounds.

Despite her expertise, Emily remains humble, acknowledging the inevitability of mistakes in sewing. For her, the seam ripper is not just a tool but a symbol of resilience and learning. Embracing the process of trial and error, she finds joy in the journey of creating, knowing that every mistake is an opportunity to grow and improve.

In conclusion, Emily's vibrant spirit, dedication to accessibility, and passion for creativity make her a shining star in the world of sewing and quilting. As she continues to inspire and empower others on her journey, we eagerly await the colorful masterpieces yet to come from her sewing room.

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