Learn how to make Fine Art with your Embroidery Machine! Part 2


Header image lesson 2.JPG

In lesson 1 we made the sky with the help of quilt wizard, but now we will use another module, the Sketch Program to make the sky look more realistic.  

1. First open the sky file we made in lesson 1: 

01 open sky file.JPG

2. Click on the fill pattern in the filmstrip on the left side and click delete 

02 delete fill pattern.JPG

3. Now you only have the first part left:  

03 first part left.JPG

4. Go to Create and select the Sketch Module.

04 create.JPG

5. Select Start a New Embroidery File with no Picture.

05  start new.JPG6. 

6. Click on Change Hoop.

06. sketch change hoop.JPG


7. In the Enter Size box, click on Enter Hoop Size. Set the Width and Height to 140mm. 

  07 sketch change hoop size.JPG

8. Click on finish. 

08 sketch window.JPG

9. On the right side of the window, you can see some tools, we will use the line tool. You can select single stitch (the first pen), triple stitch (the second one) or motif line (the third). I will use the single stitch. 

09, single stitch.JPG


10. In the box with the three dots at the right side of the motif line pencil you can click to change the property of the stitch, change the length to 1,5mm to get smoother lines and curves. 

10 change stitch length 1,5mm.JPG

11. The pen tool makes lines as you move over the surface holding down the left button on your mouse. When you release the button, it will convert the line into stitches. 

12. Move the pen tool over the surface in wavy lines to create the sky effect. Remember to stay inside the hoop area, if you do not like the line you made, just click on the undo arrow on the top.  

13. Make the first line on top from left to right, the next line from right to left. Making the lines in this way makes stitching out easier.  

13 working order left right right left.JPG

14. When finished right click to unselect the pen.  

14 finished sky first step.JPG

15. If you want to change the stitches you can zoom in and click on the stitch you want to move. If you accidentally made a line outside the hoop area, you remove the stitches like this: 

16. Click on the freehand select tool, make a ring around the stitches you want removed. And click on the waste bin. 

16a freehand select.JPG 16b frehhand select area.JPG

17. Now go to file and select Save As. Save the embroidery file as Sky1. In the future you can make many different skies to choose from when you are creating your art pieces! 

18. Next step is to click on Copy. The embroidery will now be visible in the clipboard. Close the sketch program and return to where we started. The embroidery is on the clipboard. Go to the Home tab and click on paste. 

18 icon inside text.JPG 18 sky embroidery in hoop.JPG

19. Move the embroidery inside the square with the arrow keys. 

19 sky moved inside square.JPG

20. Now go to File and Save As, give it the name Sky1 combined. 

21. Go to File, Export. Select your preferred file Format and Uncheck everything except Combine. Click on ok and save the file where you want it. 

20. export.JPG

Let´s see how it looks when stitched out! 

22. Go to File and Insert the Background 140x190 file we made in lesson 1. Use the arrow keys on the filmstrip to move it to the top. 

22amove background step1.JPG 22bmove bakground1b.JPG 22c move background step2.JPG

23. Next insert the file Grass 140x60mm  

23grass inserted.JPG 

24. Click on File Export and select your preferred format. Uncheck everything except combine. Name it lesson2. 

25. Stitch out following the instructions from lesson 1.

Now you have made your unique sky for upcoming projects!  Header image lesson 2.JPG