In-the-hoop Glass Coasters

  • By Meredith McClanahan

Glass Coasters Hero2.jpg

Create these quick & easy ITH coasters in no time for your New Year party! Choose from one of the pre-made phrases or personalize your own in the mySewnet™️ embroidery software with the blank version. Customize them all so that your guests won’t get their holiday drinks mixed up. 

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Shopping List:

  • HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Sewing & Embroidery Machine
  • Sensor Q Foot - Part #413192045
  • DESIGNER™️ Splendid Square Hoop 120 x 120mm - Part #412968201
  • INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer
  • Embroidery Needle Size 90/14 - Part #920665096
  • Coordinating Thread & Bobbin Thread
  • Main Fabric - Fat Quarter
  • Coordinating Fabric - Fat Quarter
  • Felt Sheet
  • Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter & Ruler
  • SINGER® Steamcraft Steam Iron & Ironing Board
  • 6” Safety Stiletto - Part #920671996
  • Pinking Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Provided mySewnet™️ Library Designs (Click on images for link)
  • mySewnet™️ Software (Optional)


Machine & Embroidery Preparation: 

  • Insert a HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Embroidery size 90/14 needle into your machine.
  • Attach the Sensor Q Foot.
  • Thread machine & bobbin with coordinating Robison Anton 40 wt rayon embroidery & bobbin thread.
  • Load the provided mySewnet™️ embroidery design or your custom design into your embroidery machine.
  • Hoop tear-a-way stabilizer into the DESIGNER™️ Splendid Square Hoop 120 x 120mm.


Place the embroidery hoop on the embroidery arm.
Press start to stitch out the square outline. 

Press start again to stitch out the fabric placement line. Remove the embroidery hoop. 

Using your SINGER® Steamcraft Steam Iron and ironing mat, press each of the main
fabric squares in half with wrong sides together. 

Line up one of the folded edges with the center stitched line. Tape to hold in place.

Repeat the same process with the second folded square on the other side of the stitched line. 

Place the embroidery hoop back onto the embroidery arm. 
Press start to stitch out the tack down stitch for the folded squares. 

The next steps are to stitch out the word/phrases provided in the design or that you custom created.
Once the wording is stitched out, remove the embroidery hoop.
There should be 1 color stitch left at this point. 
Place the felt square right side down on top of the phrase. 

Place the coordinating fabric right side up on top of the felt square.
The wrong side of the coordinating fabric should be touching the felt. Tape to hold in place.


Place the embroidery hoop back onto the embroidery arm. 
Press start to stitch out the final tack down stitch that will stitch together all the layers. 

Remove the embroidery hoop from the embroidery arm.
Remove the stabilizer and finished coaster from the embroidery hoop. 
Remove any excess stabilizer from the back side of the design.
Using your pinking scissors cut around the coaster square. 

Turn right side out, using your 6” Safety Stiletto push out the corners. 
Place on your drinking glass and never lose track of which drink is yours!