Happy Birdday Placemat


Big Bird -HERO.png

Celebrate Big Bird´s Birthday with a Birdday placemat. This project is made entirely in the hoop, except the topstitching around the edges which also closes the opening for turning.  

What you need: 
  • Embroidery file, find it HERE
  • Embroidery hoop 360x260mm  
  • Embroidery thread 
  • Cutaway stabilizer 
  •  Thin Batting 15½x12” (40x30cm) 
  • Small pieces of fabric for the different areas: 
    • A large front piece 14x10” (35x25cm) 
    • B right side panel piece 10x5” (25x12cm) 
    • C top panel piece 15½x5” (40x12cm) 
    • D Back of placemat 18x14” (45x35cm) 
How to make it: 

Making the placemat patchwork and quilting 

1. Hoop the fabric in the 360x260 mm hoop 

1 hoop stabilizer.jpg

2. Load the embroidery file to your machine. NOTE: do not Colorsort, the bird heads should be stitched out one by one to avoid distortion on the outer edges. 

3. Stitch out color 1, this will show the placement line for the batting.

3 stitch color 1.jpg

4. Place batting on top, make sure it covers the stitching on all sides. 

5 lines stitched on batting.jpg

5. Stitch color 2, this will secure the batting in the hoop and stitch out placement lines for the fabric pieces. 

5 lines stitched on batting.jpg

6. Place fabric piece A on top of the large area to the bottom left. Make sure it covers the area on all sides. 

7. Stitch out color 3, this secures the fabric in place. 

7 fabric A stitched down.jpg

8. Change to the color you want for the spiral quilting and stitch out color 4. 

8 fabric A quilted.jpg

9. Place fabric piece B right side down along the seamline between A and B. 

9 fabric B placed.jpg

10. Stitch out color 5, this will sew the fabric piece in place. 

10  fabric B sewn in place.jpg

11. Flip out fabric B, make sure it covers the whole side panel area. 

11 Fabric B folded out.jpg

12. Stitch out color 6, this will secure fabric B in the hoop. 

13. Place fabric C along the edge A-C, right side facing down. 

13 fabric C placed.jpg

14. Sew in place with color 7. 

14 Fabric C sewn in place.jpg

15. Flip out the fabric piece and make sure it covers the whole C area. Stitch out color 8. This will secure the fabric piece in the hoop. 

15 Fabric C secured.jpg

Stitching out the embroidery 

16. Color 9 will stitch out the lettering  

16 Lettering stitched out.jpg

17. The following colors will stitch out Big Bird

17 Stitching out birds.jpg

Now it will look like this!

Finishing Steps:

18. Unhoop the placemat and cut away excess fabric leaving ½” around the edges. 

17 Placemat stitched out.jpg

19. Place the fabric for the back and edges on the table, wrong side up. Put the placemat on top, right side up. Make sure the back fabric extends equally on all sides. Pin in place. 

20. Cut away excess back fabric but leave 1” (3cm) around the edges. 

20 placemat wit backing pinned.jpg

21. Turn the raw edges of the backing fabric towards the edge of the placemat, then turn again, see image below. Pin in place.

21 folding the edge.jpg

22. In the corners do as follows: fold the edge and press. 

22 folding corner first step.jpg

23. Turn the edge to form a triangle in the corner. 

24 folding corner third step.jpg

24. Turn the edge up. 

24 folding corner third step.jpg

25. Pin in place. 

25 folding corner finished corner.jpg

26. Topstitch close to the folded edges around the placemat.

26 finished placemat topstitched.jpg

You Birdday placemat are now finished!


 Square image.jpg