Friendship Braid Cushion

  • By Carina Thavelin

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Give your dearest friends a pillow with a friendship braid. Let's combined pink and beige fabric in different shades into a quilted pillow front. 

What you need: 
  • Beige fabric 2 pcs 8”x23½” (20x60cm) 
  • Fabric strip for piping 2”x2⅛ yds (5cmx2m) 
  • Cord for piping 2⅛ yds 
  • Invisible zipper 24” (60cm) 
  • Thread in matching color 
  • Clear Invisible Zipper Foot  
  • Piping Foot  
Sew the Invisible Zipper 

1. Open the zipper. Place the right edge of the zipper tape on one of the back fabric pieces, right sides together. Snap on the Clear Invisible Zipper Foot. Sew the first part of the zipper by placing the presser foot with the left groove over the zipper coils. Backstitch and sew along the zipper. 

2. Sew the second part of the zipper to the other back piece by placing the left edge of the zipper tape, right sides together with the left side of the fabric. Place the presser foot with the right groove over the zipper coils. Backstitch and sew along the zipper.  Close the zipper and the back piece of the pillow is done. 

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Use piping to give your pillow a professional finish. Use purchased piping or make your own, so that your piping will be a perfect match to the fabrics used in your pillow front. 

3. To make your own: take the long fabric strip, place it with the right side down. Place the cord on top in the center of the fabric strip. Fold the strip over the cord. 

4. Snap on the Piping Foot. Place the fabric and the cord under the presser foot with the cord in the groove on the underside of the foot. Sew together with a straight stitch center position (the groove will guide the cord so the fabric covers it evenly) 

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5. Place the front piece right side up. Pin the piping along the fabric edge. Overlap the piping to finish off at the end. Stitch in place using a straight stitch. Clip the seam allowance of the piping in the corners, for smoother corners after turning. 

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6. Open the zipper (approx. 4”/10cm) and place the back piece right side down on top of the front piece. Put fabric and piping layers under the Piping Foot with the piping in the groove on the underside of the foot. 

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7. Sew the pillow together with a straight stitch, left needle position (to cover the first stitching). The groove on the underside of the foot will guide the piping as you sew. Turn the right side out and insert a pillow form. 

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