Encore Christmas Lace Star



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Make this beautiful star for Christmas. It is easy to do with the Encore feature in mySewnet embroidery software. Add it to your quilted Christmas tree or hang it in a window. It is beautiful in white thread too.

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What you need:

  • mySewnet embroidery software, silver level or higher
  • Embroidery file, find it here:
  • Water soluble stabilizer
  • Embroidery thread same color on both top thread and bobbin

Make the star:

1. Open the program choose the 260x200mm hoop and insert the embroidery file.place it with the base of the wedge exactly in the middle


2. Click on the encore tab make sure the circle and the standard selection (no flip) is selected.


3. Choose five repeats and click preview.


4. Drag the design elements together to form a star.


5. When you are pleased with the combination click apply.


6. Resize the embroidery to desired size, you may need to rotate the design to get a better fit in the hoop.


7. Click on center in hoop.


8. Click on combine, choose combine all.


9. Click on the edit design button

10. Click on stitch optimizer, this will remove any unnecessary stitches.


11. Now click on density advisor. This feature will show the dense areas on your embroidery and is able to correct it. This will reduce the risk of problems with the stitchout.


12. As you see the overlapping edges of the embroidery combination is very dense. To fix this select light in the box next to Reduce Denser Areas To.

13.Now it will look like this:


14. Go to file and export your embroider with the send function or save on USB.
15. Hoop water soluble stabilizer in the 260x2090mm hoop and stitch out the embroidery. Remember to use the same thread on top and bobbin.

Step17 stitchout.jpg

16. Unhoop and cut out the embroidery roughly, soak in water and rinse the stabilizer out, lay flat and let dry.

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