Embroider a Monogram or Name on a Shirt

  • By mySewnet Library


Adding a personalized embroidery on a shirt is a quick way of making it look classy and special. You can choose to just do a monogram or a name. Both first and/or last name can be nice, depending of course of the length and the size of the font.

There are many small fonts to choose from in mySewnet Embroidery Software. Choose a font that mirror the personality of the wearer, classic, fun or traditional. If you want additional monograms to choose from there are also several available in mySewnet Library.

Adding a name on the cuff is a subtle embroidery that was usually added to tailor-made shirts, but can easily be added on any store-bought item as well. Since the most common patterns on men’s shirts are stripes and checks, placement is key for giving it the professional touch. This is where the Positioning feature comes in handy. (Designs Positioning for Husqvarna Viking and Precise Positioning for Pfaff) Use it to get the exact straight placement you want on your garment.

Tip: Turn off the Automatic Jump Stitch Trim to get a nicer looking wrong side of your embroidery. This is always useful when embroidering text.


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