Digitize Your Own Bejeweled Christmas Tree


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This Christmas tree can be mady in any size, The diamond shape can be used to make other things as well, like table runners, pillows etc. Follow the step by step instruction to digitze it from scratch!

What you need:

  • mySewnet Embroidery Software, Platinum level

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For the Christmas tree stitchouts you need:

  • 240x150 mm Creative Grand Metal Hoop (or larger)
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • White Fabric
  • Embroidery thread Green, Red and Silver (or grey)
  • Optional: Hotfix Rhinestones or Beads

How to do:

1. Open mySewnet embroidery software. Select Blank Canvas

01. open embr.JPG

2. Select 240x150mm creative Grand Metal Hoop. (You can change this later to another hoop, but it is easier to use for now).

02. select hoop.JPG

3. Click on View tab and set the Grid size to 5mm.

03. view tab grid size.JPG

4. Click on Create and select Digitizing. A new window will open.

04. digitizing.JPG

5. Select Start a New Embroidery with no Picture, click on Next

05. open digitizing.JPG

6. Click on Finish.

06, select finish.JPG

7. Click on Point Create, in Pattern Fill, select No Fill, In Satin Line, select Running Stitch. Now it should look like this:

07 select fill and line options.JPG

8. Now Click on Create Area or Line. The Arrow Cursor will change to a white dot.

08. create area or line.JPG

9. Use the magnifying tool to zoom in to get a closer view of the grid. You will find the Magnifying and zooming tools down at the right hand corner.

09b magnifying tool bar.JPG

09a zoom in.JPG

10. Set the first point at the center line close to the top of the grid.Hold down the Shift key to get a square point. This will make straight lines.

10. first point.JPG

11. Set the second point 12 squares(6cm) down and 7 points(3,5cm) out to the right.

11. second point.JPG

12. Set the third point on the center line, close to the middle.

12. third point.JPG

13. The fourth point will be set at the same level as the second point, seven squares(3,5cm) to the left of the center line.

13. fourth point.JPG

14. Close the shape by making a fifth point close to the first one and drag it on top of the first point.

14. closing the shape.JPG

14b dragging the point to close.JPG
15. Right click to make the stitch line.

15 set the stitch line.JPG

16. Click on Color Change and select a red color, and click on it.

16.  color change.JPG

17. Click on Pattern Fill and select Pattern Fill.

17 pattern fill.JPG

18. Set the first point 8 squares down(4cm) on the centerline. Hold down the Shift key to get straight lines.

new 18.JPG

19. Set the second point four squares(2cm) down and two squares(1cm) to the right.

19 second point center diamond.JPG

20. Set the third point on the vertical center line, four squares(2cm) below the second point.

20 third point center diamond.JPG

21. Finish the diamond shape by placing the fourth point four squares up and two squares to the left.

21 complete diamond shape.JPG

22. Right click to set the shape.

22 set the diamond fill pattern.JPG

23. Now we will change the fill pattern: Right click in the fill pattern.

23a change fill click1.JPG

24. Right click again to get to the Fill Area and Line settings menu.

24 settings menu.JPG

25. Type “171” in the Pattern box. Click OK.

25 pattern 171.JPG

25b pattern fill  complete.JPG

26. Now we will make the other shapes in the diamond, the facets.First add a color change, see step 16. Change to a gray color.
27. Change the Pattern Fill to Shape Fill.

27 change to shape fill.JPG

28. Click on Create Area or Line and set a pint on the center line on the top of the large diamond shape. Set the next point on the right side point of the diamond.

28 first two points.JPG

29. Set the next point on the right side point of the small diamond and the last one on top of the small diamond.

29 complete facet shape.JPG

30. Right click to set the shape. It will look like this, we will change the pattern later.

30 facet fill pattern.JPG

31. Make the other three facets in the same way.

31 facets completed.JPG

32. Now we will change the fill patterns in the facets: start with the top left facet. Click in the area twice to get to the settings menu. Set the Density to 25 and the Shape to 2 (Triangle) Click OK.

32 change fill pattern.JPG

33. Drag the orange circle to get a pattern that is parallel to the outer line of the large diamond.

33a changing the fill.JPG

33b finished change.JPG


34. Repeat with the lower right shape using the same settings (density 25, shape2).

34 repeat.JPG

35. Repeat with the other two facets, but change the density to 15.

35 completed diamond embroidery file.JPG
36. As a last step we will add a small satin edge on the small diamond. Select pattern Fill “No Fill” and Satin Line.

36 satin line select.JPG

37. Click on Select Area or Line and set points at the four corners of the center diamond. Use the Shift key to get a straight line. Right click to set the stitch line.

37 satin line set.JPG

38. The Satin Line is too wide so we will make it narrower: Right click twice to get to the settings menu, set the width to 2mm and click OK.

39a change width.JPG

39. Before we continue we will save the EDO file. Click on File, Save and give the name “Diamond” to the file. This makes it possible to come back and edit the file further if needed.

36 save edo file.JPG

40. Close the digitizing module. The file will now appear in the embroidery software module.

37 embroidery module.JPG

41. Click on the home tab, click on copy, then paste. Drag it to the right and put it close to the first diamond.

38 first copy.JPG

42. Repat two more times, placing the files in a diamond pattern.Use the vertical and horizontal center lines to get them in place close to each other. Zoom in if needed.

39 large diamond completed.JPG
43. When finished, click on Combine, Combine All.

40 combine all.JPG

44. Now we will change two of the jewels to green. In the Design Panel to the right click on the red color for the right side diamond.Change the color to green. Repeat on the other side of the diamond.

41 finished changes.JPG

45. Click on ColorSort to reduce the thread changes to a minimum.

42 colorsort.JPG

Tip: By changing the blue color to gray and the color sort you can reduce the color change further.

46. Save the file as Diamond.

47. To Stitch out the embroidery file you need to export it in your preferred format. I Choose vp3 as my format, many other formats are available depending on your embroidery machine.

44 export file.JPG
Embroidery design stitchout

48. Hoop Double layers of tear away stabilizer in the creative Grand Metal Hoop. Place fabric on top, right side up.

49. Stitch out the embroidery.

49 stitch out.jpg
50. Unhoop and tear away excess stabilizer. Cut out with a ⅜” (1cm) seam allowance.

50 cut out.jpg
Making the Christmas tree cone

To make the tree cones you stitch out the diamonds and put them together. The number of stitch-outs depends on the size you want.
Small tree

  • 2 diamonds, cut one of them in half , see below :

52 stitch out two diamonds.jpg

51. Stitch the pieces together to make a triangle.

51 a stitch together.jpg

51b trangle made.jpg
52. Measure the length from top to bottom of the triangle. Make a line with that distance from the top along the base of the triangle.

52 measure height.jpg
53. Cut off excess fabric.

53 cut off excess.jpg
54. Bind the rounded bottom edge of the tree with a bias cut strip, 2 ½” (6,5cm) wide.

55. Fold the tree right sides together and sew with a ⅜” (1cm) seam allowance.

56. Turn right side out .

Add Hotfix Rhineatones or pearls to the trees  if you want even more glitter!

Medium tree

  • 5 diamonds, cut two of them in half, you will get an extra half diamond.

medium tree layout.jpg

Follow the instructions for the small tree.
Large tree

  • 8 diamonds, cut two of them in half.

new large tree layout.jpg

Follow the instructions for the small tree.
Tip: if you bind the edge on the finished tree you get a better shape at the bottom of the tree.

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