Cutwork Embroidery

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Cutwork Embroidery

Create beautiful cutwork and reverse appliqué designs quickly and easily, without any tedious trimming!  When prompted by your embroidery machine, just insert the color-coded Cutwork Needles and the cutting will be done automatically. 

How to embroider with Cutwork Needles

  1. Hoop you fabric with heavy-weight water soluble stabilizer.
  2. Look at the stitch out order and follow the instructions for your embroidery design. Start embroidering according to stitch-out order.
  3. When your embroidery booklet indicates it is time for the Cutwork Needle, remove the needle and top thread.
  4. Each Inspira™ Cutwork Needle has its own color. Match the color of the needle with the color of the needle shown in the stitch out order. Replace the embroidery needle with the Cutwork Needle.
  5. Complete all the needle blocks according to the stitch out order. Two or four needles will be used depending on the embroidery design*.
  6. Thread your machine and add a heavy-weight water soluble stabilizer underneath the hoop. The next color block will baste the new stabilizer together with the hooped fabric.
  7. Trim any remaining threads and remove the cut fabric.
  8. Finish your embroidery.
  9. Clean the bobbin area after finishing your design.

IMPORTANT RESIZING NOTICE: Embroideries digitized for Cutwork Needles CAN NOT be resized or scaled. 

*The Cutwork needles has four different angles of cutting. Some designs use only two needles, #1 and #2. This is when a design has satin stitches covering the cut edge and the cutting does not have to be so precise.


This is when the design uses all 4 needles for precise cutting of designs that have raw edges and are freestanding.


Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit

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The needles are also available as a sparepart:

Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit Replacement Needles: Husqvarna VIKING: 920549096, PFAFF: 821206096

Here is a link to the instructional video made on a previous embroidery machine model.