Criss Cross Table Runner

Criss Cross Table Runner

This easy-to-make table runner is a great beginner project. It can also be used as a small skinny quilt. It is so fun to make that you probably want to make a lot of them.

What you need:
  • Fabric for the background 12x44” (30x110cm)
  • Backing fabric 12x44” (30x110cm)
  • Thin fusible batting 12x44” (30x110cm)
  • Fabric for binding 5 strips 2x44” (5x110cm)
  • Fabric for the criss cross wedges 5 pieces 4x12” (10x30cm)
  • Paperbacked fusible web 5 pieces 4x12” (10x30cm)
  • Matching sewing thread.
Making the project

1. Attach the fusible web to the back of the fabric rectangles.
2. Cut out wedges from the rectangles, see image below. The cut out pieces should be smaller at one end. You will get plenty of pieces so it is ok if not all of them are perfect!


3. Put the background fabric on the table in front of you with right side up. Make a line 1” (2,5cm) in from the long sides. The middle area will be 10” (25cm) wide.


4. Peel off the paper backing from the wedge pieces and place them on the background fabric. The ends should be outside the drawn lines. Make sure the side with the glue is facing the background fabric

Criss-cross-table-runner-cut-pieces.jpg Criss-cross-table-runner-placing-wedges.jpg
5. Press the wedges in place with an iron. It is a good idea to put some pattern paper or similar on top to avoid getting glue to the iron.


6. Zig-zag the appliqued wedges in place. Topstitching with a straight stitch  or decorative stitches is other options.
7. Fuse the thin batting to the wrong side of the backing fabric. Then put the table runner on top.
8. Pin through all layers and make a topstitch on the drawn line to secure all layers.
9. Use a straight stitch or a triple stitch to quilt the table runner with criss cross lines.


10. Cut away the fabric outside the drawn lines. Bind the edges of the table runner. For instruction on how to bind the edges click Here: