Create In-the-Hoop Heart Pennant Embroidery Designs

Create In-the-Hoop Heart Pennant Embroidery Designs
Software Lesson

In this lesson, we will digitize a free-standing shield-shaped pennant with Quick Create. Separate the steps with different thread colors to make it easy to customize. Then add SuperDesigns and Flourishes in the Embroidery module to make it fancy. Stitch out instructions are included.

The ZIP file includes the PDF lesson files and stitching instructions. For those who do not have one of the required software versions, we have included the VP3 stitch file.

Software Version Requirements
- mySewnet™ Embroidery PLATINUM (Windows or Mac)

- PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA (Windows or Mac)

- PREMIER+™ ULTRA (Windows or Mac)

- TruE™ 3 ELITE (Mac)

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Featured Video: Vantage LIVE—Member Questions 2021
This month’s video is a recording of the “Vantage LIVE: Member Questions 2021” webinar. We shared tips from members and demonstrated tools in the software including:

Organizing embroidery designs.
Open vs. Insert and Save vs. Export.
Differences between the VP3 and VP4 formats.
Organizing embroidery designs.
Embossing for towels.
Cross Stitcher tips.
Demonstration of the new mySewnet™ Embroidery Software.





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