Create a Embroidered Birthday Card for a Child!

  • By Mikael Svensson

Lucas birthday distorted text header image.jpg

Did you know it is possible to change your text's look by moving the green handles? Here is an example!

What you need
  • mySewnet Embroidery software, Gold level or above
  • Fabric for the card, quilters cotton or similar works best.
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Embroidery thread
  • Thin cardstock for stabilizing the finished card.
How to do

1. Open mySewnet software, select Blank Canvas.

01 select blank canvas.JPG

2. Set hoop size to 360x200mm. Orientation Natural

02 select hoop.JPG

3. Go to Create and click on Project-in-the-Hoop.


4. Select Card and click Next.

04 select Card.JPG

5. Select Blank, Folding and Portrait, click Finish.

 Note: If this is the first time you make a card, take the time to read the PDF instructions to get more information. Click on View PDF-Instructions.

05 select card type.JPG

6. Let´s start with the text on the outside of the card: Go to Letter, select Typo from the Childre selection, set the size to 50mm.

06 font settings.JPG

7. Move the text to the lower right edge of the card. See image below:

07 move text.JPG

8. Change the size of the text by dragging the top left green handle. Move it up and in to make the text fill the rectangle but leave a little space around the edges. See image below:

08 text distorted and moved.JPG

9. Now we will add a Crown for Lucas. Go to SuperDesign select the 2 - Party Hat in the Child style 1 selection. Set the size to 40mm and click Apply. Rotate the crown and move it in place.

09 select crown.JPG

10. Change the color of the text and the jewels on the crown to red. The front of the card is now finished.

10 outside of card finished.JPG

11. To make the inside of the card we need to rotate it 180 degrees, do like this: Go to Home tab, click on Select all, then go to the 45-degree tool and click 4 times.

11 rotate card.JPG

12 Click on Select None. Now it will look like this:

12 card rotaded unselected.JPG

13. Time to add text and Superdesign on the inside, feel free to make anything you like. This is how I did: Go to Letter, select the Typo font again, set the size to 35mm and write “Happy Birthday!” click Enter between the words to make two rows. It will look like this:

13 Happy Birthday text.JPG

14. As you can see the text is too wide and not tall enough for the space in the rectangle. Use the green Handles to adjust this. Look at the image below for guidance.

14 happy birthday text changed.JPG

15. In the right-side rectangle we will add a SuperDesign and text. Start with the text. Use Typo again and set the size to 25mm.

15 set text right side.JPG

16. Rotate the text about 45 degrees. Add a Cake from Superdesign (Childstyle1 1-Birthday Cake). Set the size to 40 mm. Move it into the right place. Now it will look like this:

16 cake added.JPG

17. Change the color for the Happy Birthday text to Green and From Annie to Orange or Red (Of course you can change it to any color you like).


Finishing steps:

18. Go to Home tab, Click on Select All, Then Group. All designs will now be grouped together. It is better to Group than Combine. If you want to change anything later, like a name you just ungroup, change and the group again.

18 group designs.JPG

19. Click on File Save As and save the design on your computer. It will be saved in vp4 Format which is correct.

19 save as vp4 format.JPG

20. The last step is to export the design into your preferred format. I chose vp3. You can color sort if you want to.

20 export lucas birthday card.JPG

 Stitching out the design

21. Hoop stabilizer and fabric in the 360x200 hoop.

22. Stitch out the design.

23. When finished, unhoop the embroidery and follow the instructions in the PDF to put the cards together.